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All your content in one place

Myrise automatically collects all your content performance data.

  • Connect your content channels.
  • See all your content in one place.
  • Have all your content metrics in one place.
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Organize your content with metadata

Use advanced search and labeling to add metadata to all your content.

  • Filter and search through all your content.
  • Use labels to add metadata to your content.
  • Group content in campaigns, topics, authors or content types.
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Smart content scoring

Based on the metrics you care about, Myrise scores the performance of each content piece.

  • Define your favorite metrics.
  • Myrise generates a content score for every piece of content.
  • Learn which content impacts your favorite metrics.
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Understand your content performance

Find out the root of your content success.

  • Use labels to add metadata to each piece of content.
  • Learn which content performed best with content scoring.
  • Discover which labels correlate with high content scores.
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“Myrise is literally my first stop in the morning."

Filip Aerts, Marketing Manager at Argenta

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