(beta) Analyze WordPress author, tag and category performance with Myrise

Today, we launch our WordPress – Myrise integration. Here’s what you’ll find out when you connect WordPress to Myrise:


Measure Category performance

If your WordPress content is organized into Categories, you can measure your WordPress category performance with Myrise:

– Blogpost volume per category
– Total performance per category (eg: total pageviews for any given category)
– Average performance per category (eg: average amount of pageviews a blogpost receives in this category)

Author effectiveness

If you have multiple authors writing on your blog, Myrise will tell you:

– Blogpost volume per author
– Total performance per author (eg: unique pageviews, social pageviews, …)
– Average performance per author (eg: average amount of pageviews per blogpost for every author)

Benchmark tags

If you use tags on your WordPress posts, you can use them to analyze your content performance:

– Blogpost volume per tag
– Total performance per tag (eg: unique pageviews for any given tag)
– Average performance per tag (eg: average amount of pageviews per blogpost for any given tag)

How it works

Myrise combines Google Analytics data with WordPress data to make all this happen. What you need to get started:

– A self-hosted WordPress with Google Analytics tracking
– The WP REST API plugin installed, so we can access your blogpost content in a structured way

Why (beta)?

We’re launching this under a beta label, because this is our first integration combining two datasources.

If you need any help during the set-up process, please reach out at hello (at) myri (dot) se.

Try it out?

New to Myrise? Start a free 7-day trial to analyze your WordPress content.
Existing users can add a WordPress account in their Settings panel.

Analyze your instagram performance with Myrise

As the social web is turning into the visual web, we decided to add Instagram to our list of supported integrations.

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-16 om 14.06.35

Starting today, you can use Instagram to start a free trial, or add an Instagram account to your Myrise license in ‘Settings’.

Integrating Instagram in Myrise will enable you to:

– Analyze the quantity & quality of your Instagram posts
– Track your Likes and Comments on Instagram
– Compare your day of the week performance
– Get insights in how certain hashtags and keywords influence your Instagram results

Eager to try? Start your free trial, and find out why people Like your Instagram posts.

Facebook metrics to care about

I had an interesting meeting with Evi Desender yesterday. Evi is an online marketing expert at digital agency Wijs, and she uses Myrise for optimizing her content marketing projects.

At the end of the meeting, we were discussing what the optimal Facebook dashboard looks like, with the metrics we care about most.

This is what we came up with:

Which content is seen by the biggest audience? Tracked with:
Facebook Reach, Facebook Organic Reach, Facebook Viral Reach

Talk of the town
Which content makes it to the water cooler? Tracked with:
Facebook Engagement, Facebook Likes, Facebook Comments, Facebook Shares

Which content is so interesting, people click for more? Tracked with:
Clicks on links, video plays, Photo views

Stirring it up
Which content is having unwanted side-effects? Tracked by:
All negative feedback, Hide all, Hide, Unlike

What Facebook metrics are in your dashboard? Or do you like our dashboard? Connect your Facebook page to Myrise to get yours!

Content we loved this week #3

My reading this week was a bit more technology focused. But even if you’re not such a geek as myself, these three content pieces are a great way to end your week:

Google Sends Reporter a GIF Instead of a ‘No Comment’ by Marcus Wohlsen

It’s remarkable how ubiquitous GIFs have become in online publishing. Recently we used one in our own mailinglist, with great feedback. Now even Google is using them to reply to reporters. – What about you? :)

The Facebook Reckoning by Ben Thompson

Facebook is trying to convince publishers to host their content on Facebook. Ben Thompson wrote a great analysis on how this could play out, and I hope he’s right. Wonder why? Read it!

It’ll never work by Donald Simanek

Lord Kelvin once proclaimed ‘Radio had no future’. And the president of the Michigan Savings Bank called the automobile ‘only a novelty—a fad’. If you ever need a good quote to prove the relativity of experts, here’s where you’ll find them.

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3 steps to decide on newsletter content

I sent out a Myrise newsletter yesterday. Since I blogged a lot in the past few weeks, it was hard to decide which items I should feature in this e-mail.

I’m probably not the only one suffering from curation anxiety, so here’s how I fixed it:

Step 1: I Publish on social channels

Every blogpost I write is published on our different social channels using Buffer.
At the moment, every blogpost is shared on every channel. So this kind of levels the playing field: they all get an equal chance for attention.

Step 2: I check the canary in a coal mine

Social media works great for generating traffic to our blog posts. But it serves a different purpose as well. I call this: ‘the canary in a coal mine’. The amount of traffic a blogpost gets from social media is a great indicator for how interesting your content is.
With our Google Analytics – Myrise integration, I tracked ‘pageviews from social media’ on all our blogposts.
It got me a list of every blogposts I published, sorted on performance:

Step 3: I curate!

Myrise tells me an average blogpost brings in 50 pageviews per post.
For this monthly e-mail, I decided to share only posts scoring better than average, a total of three. In a week, I’ll use the Mailchimp – Myrise integration to see how well this way of work performed.

I’m also eager to know how you decide which content to feature in your e-mails: so feel free to share in the comments or on Twitter.

Curious how that e-mail turned out? Here it is!

Content we loved this week #2

Few things bring me more joy than reading brilliant copy. Three new artist to thank this week, I hope you enjoy their work:

– “Lighten Up” – by Ronald Wimberly
The comic book style makes this story so much more powerful. An increasing amount of cartoonists share their work on Medium with great success. Hopefully this will lead to more publishers adopting this style.

– “Inside the Mad, Mad World of TripAdvisor” by Tom Vanderbilt
I relied heavily on Trip Advisor to plan our upcoming honeymoon. This well-researched longread by Tom Vanderbilt describes perfectly how TripAdvisor can be both a blessing and a curse before your journey :).

– “I Hate the News” – by Aaron Swartz
Sadly, Aaron Swartz passed away over 2 years ago. But his thoughts are still very relevant. A study I read on how Millennials consume news reminded me of his views on news. A lot of changes Millennials demand from news, are reflected in Aaron’s post. A must read.

Any great content you read this week and would like to share?

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How I found out which topics our Facebook fans like

We have this neat content calendar in Google Drive to ensure balance in the topics we publish about:


I wondered: with 25% of my content being about ‘product features’, does it account for 25% of my reach as well?

So I set up a dashboard to track reach for the topics defined in our content calendar. This is what I found:


Clearly, people care more about our product features and customer cases, and less about the links we share.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be experimenting to find out more about what causes this:
– I’ll try to increase reach on shared links by using different content sources
– I’ll play around with our topic balance to see how this affects topic results

And you? How do you do measure and increase your topic reach?

Our next release in preview

In a few weeks we’ll be releasing a new version of Myrise. People following me on Twitter know I can’t keep myself from sharing sneak previews. I thought I’d add some more context with a blog post.

Our next release is largely based on feedback from customers and trial users. (Thank you!)

  1. Unlimited metrics
    At the moment, you can add a maximum of 5 metrics on each dashboard. People end up creating multiple dashboards to track all their metrics, which is messy and difficult to navigate.multiple_dashboards

    We’re creating a separate screen to see all your metrics, with a visual indicator of their ‘health’.metrics_overview
  2. A more visual representation of metrics
    The top navigation between metrics limits the screen real estate for a visual representation.limited metrics

    Because we created a separate screen for your metrics, we can now host a beautiful, clear graph on your metric details page:metric_detail_graph
  3. Easier to interpret label widget
    The label widget evolved to host the most interesting data in Myrise, but it really is the ugly duckling in our current design:label_widget_ugly_ducklingGiving labels a visual representation make them easier to read, and it gives us the ability to compare your labels over time.sneakpreview_graph

    I believe comparing labels over time will be very interesting. For instance: if your Facebook reach dropped 30%, and you notice a 30% decrease in a label as well, there’s definitely something to learn.

  4. Add some (interesting) playfulness
    We imagine a future where dashboards will extend to your smartwatch in a way that’s both interesting and fun.As an experiment, we’re adding ‘rewards’ to Myrise. Rewards are notifications when, for instance, you’ve reached remarkable performance with the photo’s you shared:rock_on_release

    These rewards won’t be saved and will only be available in our desktop app, but it’ll be really interesting to see how our users interact with it.

We’re really excited by this release. We’re pretty sure it will make Myrise even more interesting and fun to use. If you have any feedback: please share in the comments or on Twitter. Maybe we can still squeeze it in ;).

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Why you should stop using explicit images on Facebook

Animal cruelty, mild nudity, graphic violence. They’re not against Facebook’s Community Standards, but nonetheless: a bad idea.

Why? Explicit images generate 5x as much lost fans* as other images:


I found out by organizing Facebook posts based on the kind of image that was shared – explicit or not – and then analyzed how each category performed. **

Are you wondering if your Facebook images are chosen well? Start your free trial to see for yourself!

*Lost fans include people who unlike your page or choose to never see any of your posts again.

**Disclaimer: This analysis is based on data from Myrise customers. These results are heavily influenced by news sites, as explicit images appear more often on their Facebook pages.

Content we loved this week

Let’s celebrate the joyous side-effects of this content explosion with the 3 content best pieces we’ve read this week:

– “The Idea Person” – by Julie Zhuo

A wonderful long read about the power of perseverance. Julie draws an interesting parallel to the struggle in writing great copy, mentioning her friend and best-selling author Marie Lu.

– “Parenting Advice: Don’t Kill Them” – by Ijeoma Oluo

I’m not a parent (yet), but I loved the honesty in this 7-minute read. I shared the article on my Facebook wall and it immediately got a good amount of likes from parents. So I guess Ijeoma does a wonderful job describing a feeling shared by other parents.

– “Wait but why” – by Tim Urban

I only recently discovered this blog thanks to Davy Kestens & Elon Musk. I immediately binge-read 5 articles, starting with their series on Artificial Intelligence. I was impressed by both how well-researched and funny to read the articles are. So, go! Enjoy! And sorry for ruining your Sunday! ;)

If you came across any content jewels this week, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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