Working at Darwin, what’s that like?

When writing a job offering, we include all the big ideals: ‘only work with the best people in the field’, ‘get top-notch working gear’, ‘get a monthly mentoring budget to hire someone to learn from’, ‘use free friday afternoons to work on your own projects’, … But big ideals only take you so far.


To really give you an idea of what it’s like working at Darwin, I just asked the people working here to describe it. I didn’t want to do any editing, so all typo’s are the responsibility of the people quoted ;).

Improve yourself

As a young designer, I am grateful to get so much trust and responsibility at Darwin. Because Anthony really pushes you to make your own decisions and ensures that you are responsible for your own quality, you get the chance to build something you can be proud of. Your voice is heard! Not only will your skills be put to full use, you also get the chance to gain new ones or to expand the ones you already have. My co-workers and the people in the Darwin network are talented, which makes it a good learning environment. I’m proud to be part of this and help build it from the ground up.

Miet, user experience designer

Participation & transparency 

I only begun working ‘for’ Darwin Analytics recently. Yet it doesn’t feel like I am working ‘for’ someone. Instead you get the opportunity to see a startup unfolding before your eyes and gradually help to build it along the way. Participation and transparancy are key values and they just fit me like a glove.

Dimitri, software engineer

Understand why you are building this software

Working for Darwin, for me, is: a team with an awesome sense of humor; having a chief that actually listens to his engineers; cool teammates who want to be the best in whatever they do; understanding why I’m building this software, and knowing why it benefits people.

Dieter, freelance software engineer


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- Andreas, interim CTO

Pythonesque humor

Why I really enjoy working with the Darwin Analytics team: No need to endlessly push for even the tiniest bit of innovation within a corporate dinosaur: it’s innovate or die!; A ‘get things done’ mentality with a good deal of pythonesque humor mixed in to keep the mood high up there; A clear vision of where to go, yet highly valuing and encouraging any employee’s input

Peter, data scientist

This is where work gets done

Don’t let the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly people over at the Darwin office confuse you. This is where work gets done.

Working with the talented Darwin team boils down to improving an awesome product, and knowing that your input makes a difference.

- Mathias, freelance javascript wizard

If this sounds like a place you would like to work: check out our job page. We’re currently looking for an experienced software engineer, and we’re always on the lookout for (ux) designers and data scientists.

E-mail: anthony – at – darwinanalytics – dot – com.

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